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Getting Around Naples

Shightseeing Bus <Hop on Hop off>
Few time and Fiew days stay and safety

On board our red, open-top, double-decker tour buses, Naples has no secrets from our passengers. They will be able to discover the most beautiful and picturesque places of this magical city that is rich in history, traditions, art and breathtaking views.
Our convenient hop-on-hop-off formula enables you to leave any bus at any of the many stops and then later get back onboard one of the buses to easily continue your tour. This way you can use a flexible formula while enjoying everything that Naples has to offer. Each bus a multilingual commentary system in 8 languages which will not only keep you entertained, but also well informed about the city. You will hear useful and interesting history of the city, as well as anecdotes and curiosities of Neapolitan traditions while listening to background music and song which have made Naples the capital of a timeless melody.
Bus terminal
Line A - I Luoghi dell'Arte
                 P.za Municipio - Largo Castello
Line B - Le vedute del Golfo
                 P.za Municipio - Largo Castello
Line C - San Martino
                 p.za Municipio - Largo Castello

Adults: Line A+B+C: €22,00
Children (Between 5-15 years old): Line A+B+C:€ 11,00
Family: (2 adults+3 children) : Line A;B;C: €66,00

Public Transpot
ANM Buses: There are seven R routes, four of which intersect in the Via Medina/Piazza del Municipio area;R5 heads north towards Capodichino. Traffic makes bus travel in Naples a pain: you're often quicker walking.

Metro lines: Line 1-Piazza Dante to Piazza Vanvitelli (north-east 6.00-23.00)
Line 2-Piazza Garibaldi (beneath Stazione Centrale), skirting Centro, to the Mergellina mainline station and the Campi Flegrei (5.30-22.59).
4cable railway lines: (Centrale, Chiaia, Mergellina and Montesanto) only take you to the Vomero and back.

For travel within the City of Naples you need a Unico Napoli Ticket which is valid for travel throughout the city and within several towns in the Province of Naples including Portici and Pozzuoli.

Hourly Ticket: €1.20
Valid for 90 minutes from the time the ticket it is validated

Daily Ticket: €3.60
Valid until midnight on the day the ticket is validated. You must fill out your name and date of birth on the back of the ticket and beable to providi identification on request.

Buying a Ticket
Tobacco Shop. There are also ticket machines at many of the railway, metro and cable railway stations as well as at select bus stops throughout the city.

Authorised white taxis have the city's emblem on the front doors and rear licence late, and a meter. Steer well clear of unauthorised "Taxi" drivers, who may demand exorbitant sums for short journeys.

As you set off, the meter should read €3. There's a €4.50 minimum charge per trip. On Sundays or holidays the minimum charge becomes €5.50; €2.10 10pm-7pm; 50 per piece of luggage in the boot, and an extra €3.10 to or from the airport. Prices are fixed between Capodichino and Stazione Centrale (€12.50) and Stazione Centrale and Molo Beverello (€16). Each driver must display this list of fares: if you don't see it, ask for the "elenco di tariffe predeterminate".

By Car
EU visitors can drive on their home country's licences; an international licence is advisable for non-EU citizens. When driving, remember:
-The law insists you wear a seat belt and cherry a hazard triangle and reflective safety jackt in your car; scooter-riders and motorcyclists must wear helmets.
-Keep your driving licence, insurance documents, vehicle registration and photo ID on you at all times; when stopped by the police, you may be fined if you can't produce them.
-Flashing your lights means that you won't slow down or give way to the right.
-Maintain your cool and be prepared for anything; watch out for pedestrians and scooters.
-Italians drive on the right.

Blue lines on the road mean residents park free and visitors pay(€1-€2/hr) at the pay-and-display machines. Elsewhere, spaces are up for grabs- though look out for signs saying passo carabile (access at all times), sosta vietata (no parking) and disabled parking (marked off with yellow lines). 'Zona Rimozione' (tow-away area) means 'no parking' , and is valid for the length of the street or until the next tow-away sign with a red line through it. If a street or square or square has no cars parked in it, assume it's a no-parking zone.
Cycling in Naples proper is not to be recommended, except in certain parks, due to the fast and furious traffic; bike theft is also rife.

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